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This has been said about Jim Hilliard...

Jim (JR) Hilliard

"Jim always comes through with amazing solutions to business problems that, at first, seem intractable...
While everyone enjoys a person who naturally has great humor, it's even better when he has the ability
to propose a brilliant solution... I would recommend Jim to anyone in need of a comprehensive solution."
- Michael Kristiansen, Web Savant

I have worked with Jim on many projects over the past 36 years...   I have repetitively witnessed his “creative magic”...  Somehow, Jim just knows what to do to improve an existing process

He is one of the most innovative thinkers that I know...  he could conceivably be

one of the most creative sales & marketing consultants anywhere...

If you want to find a better way to do something, you owe it

to yourself and your company to ask Jim to help you…"

- C. Dale Hillard, Designated Broker
WestUSA, Phoenix AZ

Please note:

  • Michael Kristiansen really is a Web Savant
  • C Dale Hillard is not a relative... he's a business colleague, a fellow Rotarian and a friend who happens to spell his last name incorrectly...